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19 | Mexico

petitefawns : Hm, thought I'd do the thingy. Name: Xavier.
Gender: male, genderfluid 
Height: 4'8 
Orientation: confused
Age: 17
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Smoking: cigarettes 
Drinking: nope
Drugs: nope Job: Florist/College Freshman
Favorite Color: Gray
Favorite Band: Pity Sex
Siblings: 0
Tattoos: 0
Favorite Book: The Vast fields of Ordinary
Perfect Date: Abandoned houses.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, video games.
Why should I pick you: no idea
Why do you even want to date me: you seem interesting

omg u sound so cuteee, and u have a cool job!!!! i wish i could be a florist but i kill everything i touch ; - ; and wait ur at college at 17??? thats so nice omg i now feel old compared to that hahah its so nice to meet somne smaler than me now u have super cute height !!! 


my aesthetic is pet goth, it’s where you wear all black but you have a lot of pets you like to hold so you always have fur on your clothes

according to this thing im an intj like gendo ikari and light yagami 

do u have that one person who you kinda just 

im so happy youre alive i dont care that youre miles and miles away i just love you a lot and care for you so much